10.000 copies sold.   

The book “presentation thinking & design” was purchased 10.000 times. It was published in 4 languages. It is a guide for anyone who wants to make better business presentations. Different to all other presentation books, it focuses on presentation content, how to make complex subjects simple without oversimplifying, and how to make presentations concise without losing important detail. We never intended this to be a high-volume book. It is mainly used by participants to our training. Still, after only 3 years we reached a total sales of 10.000. It has been sold out in English for some time, but Financial Times decided to reprint, so it should be available shortly again. 

  • English (Financial Times Publishing, 2014)
  • Dutch (Lannoo, 2014)
  • French (Pearson, 2015)
  • Chinese (hzbook, 2016)

Find a 4 page summary of the book here.

And here are some links where you can purchase the book online :

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