Practical solutions for more clarity

How to explain things simply without losing nuance? How to be concise without losing the depth of detail?  How to be convincing with balanced honesty?
How to use storytelling in a professional environment?

Propriatary Tools

Cognitive methodologies creating clarity, precision and simplicity in decisions and communication.


The TLSM framework helps to create concise but complete presentations and communication. Highly effective for complex and professional subjects. Presentations will become shorter, clearer, and more impactful. The method reduces time spent for the author and the audience, while maximizing impact.


The i3 model helps to prepare, make and communicate decisions at all levels of the organisations. Armed with i3 every manager can make better decisions. When rolled out on larger scale, It helps an organisation to be swift and effective in a VUCA world.

Non Porpriatery Tools

Multimedia Learning

(Richard Mayer)

Pyramid Thinking

(Barbara Minto)

8 step change model

John Kotter

5 Influence models

(Robert Cialdini)

Agile Development

Design Thinking


Practical and Validated

We use only methods that have been validated and that have proven their added value in the real world.

To The Point frameworks and methodologies are chosen for their practicality and validity :

  • Focussed at efficacy in the workplace
  • Time saving
  • Tested in business situation and approved by clients
  • Easy to use at all levels
  • VUCA proof
  • Validated by the scientific and academic world and published by renowned journals


  • London Business School
  • Instituto Empresa
  • Vlerick Business School
  • Financial Times Publishing


However sckilled you think you are I guarantee this (TLSM) will make you a better presenter.

Jonathan Birkinshaw

Professor and Deputy Dean, London Business Shool

about TLSM: An easy to follow framework with big results. It has transformed the way my company approaches presentations.

Dominique Vercraeye

Managing Director, Kantar - TNS

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