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We cover a series of subjects all aimed at being more effective and impacful in a VUCA world.

Presentation Thinking & Design

Participants learn to make drastically better presentations: Concise and comprehensive, engaging, attractive, professional and impactful.
Example 2018: Presentation course at IE (Instituto de Empresa – Madrid), elected as best course by the students. 

Board and ExCom Presentations

Directors and senior executives are a particularly demanding audience because time pressure, information gap and team dynamics. With our Board knowledge (INSEAD IDP) and ExCom experience, we help and teach presenters to make the perfect Board presentations.
Example 2019: Design of Board Presentations for a Global Automotive Manufactorer.

Strategy Articulation and Alignment

Aligning a management team on what the Strategy really is and expressing that strategy in a coherent story that is easy to understand for all stakeholders is not an easy thing to do. Our specially designed workshops help teams to do so, at company level or department level.
Example 2019: Helping the management teams of 3 Pharmaceutical companies to articulate a joint strategy after a recent M&A.

Business Writing

Being concise, clear and comprehensive is important for any Business Document. Especially if the content is highly complex and lengthy.
Example 2017: Helping Senior Market Analysts at a Global Bank to write clearer recommendations to the internal and external audiences.

Decision Making & Cognitive Biases

Making decisions with an overload of information in an uncertain world is the essence of strategy. Both our intuition and our analysis capabilities are needed to do so. But intuition can be misleading and analysis too time consuming. We help teams to make better and faster decisions, and avoid the traps of cognitive biases.
Example 2019: Keynote to the management of an international shipping company on decision making & cognitive biases.

Slide, Screen and Document Design

Slide, document and screen layout can make things difficult or easy for the audience. It is much more than making things ‘beautiful’. It is about understanding the rational, emotional and attention impact of design.
Example 2019: Designing the Board Documentation for an International Manufacturing Company.


Often the needs of our clients don’t fall within one particular ‘subject’. If the subject is linked to our core competence, we gather the experts to design the optimal solution for our clients.
Example 2017: Redefine the Corporate Purpose, create a new identity and engage the employees for a large retail group.


We choose the most pragmatic format within the boundaries of your objectives, resources and time.


A keynote can help large audiences to become aware and raise understanding of specific subjects.
Example 2019: Keynote at Global Pharmaceutical Conference on Forecasting and Cognitive Biases


During activation workshops of 3-6 hours we raise awareness of the communication challenges and work on one of your presentation challenges. For groups of 4-90 people.
Example 2018: Workshops with Global Top 60 of a Pharma Company to finetune and articultate the Global Strategy.


Our masterclasses are carfully designed and well-balanced workshops with a maximal impact for a minimal time investment. Masterclasses last 1.5 to 2 days. Masterclasses can be organised for groups of 6-24 people.
Example 2019: Masterclass Presentation Design & Reporting for Global Project Leads in a mining company.


During a bootcamp a complete team makes a drastic change to improve strategy, communication or effectiviness. Bootcamps typically last 2-5 days for a team of 4-16 people. They are generally off-site.
Example 2019: 4 day Bootcamp, designing all Business Dashboards with the Business Intelligence Team of a large supermarket chain.


Coaching sessions are effective for individuals or small teams. We help with designing content for communicaiton or strategy. While working on real-life communication, participant will also aquire new competencies.
Example 2019: Designing a Key Client Presentation with the Chief Economist of a large European Bank.

Open Training

Very occasionally we will organise an ‘open’ training for individuals professionals can participate. We can also guide you to business schools where our consultants teach classes.
Example 2018: Training Presentation Thinking and Design organised by American Management Association – China.


Our formats can be redesigned to the specific needs of a team, or in order to fit within a wider programme.
Example 2018: Workshops and Support for the VP HR and his team to prepare the Communication of a major Reorganisation of a Large Bank.

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