How 70,000 Chinese managers followed a presentation about TLSM.

Even if face-to-face meetings are always to be preferred, they have many practical constraints: Distance, cost, travel time, conflicting calendars, organizational efforts, etc.

Web-casting and interactive webinars offer not only an alternative, they make things possible that would other ways have been unthinkable.

This week, on invitation of the Chinese publisher HZBooks, I gave a 40’ web-presentation followed by a Q&A for Chinese managers. The publisher invited managers in their contact database. That day, not less than 70,000 people logged on and followed the presentation. Even if we expected a large audience, 70,000 exceeded the wildest dreams by far.

Imagine how much effort and cost it would take to reach 70,000 people in a face-to-face presentation? In the UK only the Wembley Stadium would be large enough to accommodate such an audience. But this presentation f was done from behind my desk.

I’m sure that web-presentations and web-meetings are just at the start of their success.