On top of our teaching and workshops, we can help to turn your business narratives into an inspiring creative experience.

Why ?

The right circumstances for creating or communicating your narratives will maximize the impact.

How ?

We believe that 4 scientifically substantiated elements will make a difference:

A memorable location.

Organising workshops in a special location makes them memorable. Think of any strong memory in your life. You can almost certainly remember the location, and was probably out-of-the ordinary. A special location to create or communicate your story will boost creativity and make your narrative memorable.

Inspiring physical activity.

Appropriate physical activities stimulate our thinking. There is a strong link between our brain and our bodies. Sport activities help to ‘empty’ our brain and free cognitive energy for clearer thinking. Creative activities open a window toour subconscious thoughts. Diving into history or art can ignite creative thinking.

Bond-creating entertainment.

Having fun together creates a bond that fosters trust and aligns intuitive thinking.
This is not fun for the sake of fun, but purposeful entertainment that will make it easier to create or communicate your narrative. Because people will have a much deeper bond than a purely professional one.

Design for cognitive ease.

Apart from having an attractive appearance, slides, documents, or dashboards should be designed for the lowest cognitive effort. Effective design is far more than aesthetics, creativity, inspiration or creating pleasant surprise. We can upgrade your creative designs by ensuring minimal cognitive effort.


TTPaW is not a creative, event, or travel agency. But with our knowledge of narrative psychology and with our experience in communication, we can facilitate your work and maximize the impact. We can find or brief agencies and freelancers, for you. And, if within our competence, we can execute and coordinate complete projects for you.

Some recent examples ranging from simple interventions to large creative projects:

  • A nice slide deck or video to boost your narrative.
  • A dedicated internal website to engage with your internal audience.
  • Yoga or Pilates during an online workshop.
  • Oil painting on canvas stimulating creativity during a design workshop.
  • Impro-theatre as evening activity for your seminar.
  • Dancing with a professional modern dance group.
  • A three-day strategic retreat in a quiet Golf resort in Andalusia, in the French Alps, or an ice hotel in Finland.
  • A strategic reflection combining narrative workshops and yacht sailing along the Greek islands.
  • A large corporate party making associates and partners connect while traveling through time.
  • An adventurous communication game for all employees in an old WW1 fortification in the fields of Flanders
    This latter project is described in more detail below. 

One day during the strawberry season, the COO of a large supermarket chain decided that strawberry cakes should be promoted in all shops. The next week, he noticed that 40% of shops didn’t have any strawberry cakes on offer at all. The strawberry cake was but the tip of the iceberg.

A large supermarket chain is a complex organisation, where every detail counts and where everything can change from one day to the next. Operational communication is paramount on all levels.

The strawberry incident was only one of the many examples where it went wrong. The organisation decided to call for our help to improve communication from top to bottom and back. We pulled together the ideal team of consultants and coaches to come up with a durable solution. 

Step 1:
Analysis and solutions

After analyses, ideas and plans were developed: limited but effective changes in processes, tools and  job descriptions. Often the most simple solutions were the best like a standardised ‘communicationbook’ per department.

Step 2:
The war room

Skills and behaviour are key to success. First central and local managers had to change. We created a ‘war room’ where central managers could practice in managing and motivating their troops in a fast changing VUCA environment with high complexity.

Step 3:
Operation Communication

Then a few hundred department managers practiced to operate in a difficult and changing environment. A huge operational ‘game’ was set up where cooperation, communication and peer coaching were key to success. 

Step 4:
Real life

The proof of the pudding is in the eating. Through a system of 360 degree coaching we ensured that the new skills, behaviours and processes were anchored into the organisation identity. Everything to give the customer the best experience possible.

The CEO:
“This program was an an unparalleled succes. The impact was much more than what we had hoped for. We can feel the change in the organisation and see it in the business results.” 

The HR director:
“We have tried so many unsuccessful things to change this organisation. And finally with this project we did it! People are engaged and everything runs like a clockwork. Well… almost…”

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