Do you struggle to present complex subjects in a short time?
Frustrated with long, unclear, unconvincing PowerPoints?
Is your audience demanding and easily distracted?

Here is a simple and effective solution
for dramatically better narratives and presentations with more impact in less time.
You will become clear, engaging, to the point, and impactful.

Your team can learn this in one month.

A time efficient training

Minimal time blocked in your agenda
→ 4 online moments spread over 5-6 weeks
Learning during free moments
→ 12 short instructive videos
Immediately applicable
→ 6 real-life exercises and examples
→ Feedback on your own presentation(s) or narrative(s)
→ Ideal for international groups
→ No travel travel time or cost


Solid business narratives and presentations

Based on a unique framework

  • Thinking : the basics of impactful communication.
  • Logic : turn complex information into concise and comprehensive content.
  • Story : make your content attractive, convincing and memorable.
  • Media : create effective and efficient slides & documents.

World-class foundation

  • Developed with top universities and business schools.
  • Tested and used in top corporations.
  • Published by top Media.
  • Based on the latest cognitive science

For experts and senior managers

Best organised for a group with similar needs & challenges:

Senior managers

  • Presenting to Executives and Boards.
  • Selling to associates and clients.
  • Aligning teams for analysis, decisions and change.

Senior experts

  • Market research
  • Finance and audit
  • Legal
  • Communication
  • Medical

A limited cost for a high return

For a group of min 8 people :
€ 750 per person

  • 4 online sessions (of 2h)
  • 12 videos
  • 6 offline real-life exercises
  • Individual written feedback on own narrative or presentation
  • Support during 6 weeks
  • Documentation

No travel or hotel expenses


  • Book (excl transport)
  • Individual coaching
  • Additional creation workshops

Guaranteed Results

“However good you think you are, I guarantee that this will make you a better presenter.”
J. Birkinshaw, Deputy Dean of London Business School, about the methodology.

  • Immediately applicable.
  • Practice on your own presentation
  • Feedback from top experts



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