Frustrated with long complicated PowerPoints?
Is your audience difficult and demanding?
We have a simple and substantiated solution.
Your audience will love it.


For who?

For experts & managers who frequently report & present to senior management, clients & other stakeholders. The training is currently available in English, Dutch, French and Chinese. A minimal comprehension of English is necessary.

Twice as impactful

You will get solid knowledge & skills to create impactful presentations and reports.
You will know how to explain things in a simple and concise way, even for a complex subject.
You will know how to create a story even when the content is ‘data and information’.
You will know how to get and keep attention. Your content will be convincing and memorable.

Solid content

The training content is based on the framework developed by E.Gruwez and on experience with world-class organisations :

  1. What goes wrong with presentations and why?
  2. Thinking differently: structured and narrative thinking for more clarity and impact.
  3. Framework for building professional content:
    –  Thinking : the basics of impactful communication.
    –  Logic : turn complex information into concise and comprehensive content.
    –  Story : make your content attractive, convincing and memorable.
    –  Media : create effective and efficient slides & documents.
  4. Feedback and practical tips for your presentations & reports.
Immediate result

“However good you think you are, I guarantee that this will make you a better presenter.”
J. Birkinshaw, Deputy Dean of London Business School, about the methodology.

  • What you learn is immediately applicable.
  • You will apply the learinings to your own presentation(s) during the programme.
  • You will get feedback from top experts…
  • and from other participants.
4 online sessions

  • 4 online sessions (of 1.5 hours each).
  • 11 practical video’s.
  • Insightful cases and exercises.
  • Tips tailored to your needs.
  • Solid and concise documentation.
Saving Time

Time efficient training;
You decide how much time you spend.
The training is a blended programme with video, offline tasks and online workshops.
Time will fly, even if you spend 10-14 hours of which 5 online.
You will optimise your time by getting real work done on your own presentations during the training.

Saving time for yourself.
After the training your preparation time for any report or presentation will be reduced by 10 to 50 %;

Saving time for your audience
Your presentations will become more concise and your documents and slides will be 10 to 50% shorter.

Cost efficient
  • ‘open training’: 750 € pp including individual feedback and support.
  • Full group of one company : 650€ pp.
  • Special rates apply for private individuals and larger groups.
    (contact us for more details)
Next Dates

2020 May Program
May 19th – 26th – June 2nd – June 9th
10:30 – 12:00 CET

2020 July program
July 2nd – 6th – 9th – 14th
10:30 – 12:00 CET

2020 August program
August 18th – 21st – 24th – 27th
10:30 – 12:00 CET